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Creating an archives of service user records

In healthcare and social services, there is a real correlation between good records and good care.

Rules for creating good records and scheduling their storage and disposal are essential to building the archives.  It is best practice to consider archives at record creation.

It is important to engage with and work with record creators to understand what needs to recorded and why; what are the compliance requirements; and whether those are understood and being met.

The intellectual infrastructure hinges on a robust record keeping programme, proper policies and procedures, and training.

How do cultural factors affect English language learners?

Cultural factors affect English language learners, for example, behavioural and conversational conventions. 

This is because all behaviour is grounded in a particular cultural context. 

Culture can have an impact on vocabulary, how teachers motivate learners, and can lead to difficulty learning. 

Here are three (3) strategies for English language teachers: i) show empathy ii) be prepared iii) be authentic.

What strategies do you use?

Human resources in knowledge-intensive organisations

Human resources (HR) in knowledge-intensive organizations should be managed to facilitate knowledge processes for sustained competitive advantage.  

As knowledge is not self-generating and is part and parcel of the human assets of the organization, human resources management (HRM) practices provide the means to exploit intellectual capital to meet the organization's strategic goals.  

By applying HR practices in the organization, the generation, sharing, allocation, and accounting of intellectual capital is assured.

Bilingualism - formula?

 I would think that psychologist Lev Vygotsky's conclusion that "in a supportive interactive environment, children are able to advance to a higher level of knowledge and performance" may be applied to adult second language learners also (1). 

 One makes better progress in an environment where one is valued and where one can interact socially or professionally on a variety of levels (2).  This shifts the boundaries of the range of verbal (and perhaps non-verbal) communications thereby creating opportunities for language development.

Making a claim - what documents do I need?

Disasters happen and a little preparation beforehand can make dealing with practical matters in the aftermath a lot easier. What would you need to make a claim, for example, if your home is damaged by flood waters?

Here’s a checklist:

1. Create a file with all the relevant documents e.g. policy, premium payments, policy number. Find out from the insurance company what, if anything else, might be needed.
2. Make an inventory of the property and take photographs of the interior (make sure you get every room) and exterior.

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Creating an archives of service user records
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